Breaking news in Tennessee

It is starting to look like there may have been some Russian
involvement that started the fiasco. Nothing can be totally
confirmed yet, but they are about to appoint a special investigator
to look into it. Word is John Gruden will lead the council and
get to the bottom of this mess!


Sorry, could not resist and felt everyone could use a little humor
in these trying days. And for those that are offended, get over
being such a snowflake, I hear Missouri has some safe places for
ya while you participate in a “cry-in”.

I saw that report too! I think it’s Peyton Manning in charge though :wink:

They don’t need Peyton to hire Gruden. They don’t even need him not to hire Gruden. But I wonder who they’ll blame if by some off chance Gruden decides not to go to TN. I know the odds are heavy that’s who’ll get the job, but if Vegas has a line on it, I’d love to get in on the action.

The reference was to all the false stories of Gruden and Peyton Manning being involved. Gruden was actually confirmed having a meeting in a local resturant by the owner, problem was he was in Seattle. Gruden ain’t coming.

I meant my post to be tongue-in-cheek. I know it’s sometimes hard to convey that on a message board. Regardless, I know Gruden ain’t going to Tennessee. (On the other hand, I heard he met with the Governor in the State Capitol late last night. :smiley: )

Ha, yeah I thought you thought I was serious :lol: All this coaching stuff can be taken like a grain of salt. It’s all good!