Breaking News here in Knoxville

UT hired Pruitt from bama as head coach. I don’t see it, but guess best they could do. Sure glad we got Morris…I know he was high on their list.

Also hearing that Pruitt wants dan Enos to be his offensive coordinator. It is funny how we as fans may sour in someone yet in the coaching profession they are held in higher regard

I will always hold Dan Enos in high regard because he seemed like a good man who enjoys coaching and gave his best for the University. Just because things went south after a great first year, that doesn’t mean he became a bad coach. He just didn’t have the players (offensive line) to give his scheme the opportunity to work.

Agree on Enos. I think he is a very good coach who was just stuck in a bad situation where he did not have enough players for his offense to be effective.

If it is true I am happy for him. If we would have had a better offensive line we would have had a great offense

I have a lot of respect for Dan Enos. He had our offense among the leaders in the SEC in 2015 and 2016. This year he just didn’t have much to work with. I hope he gets a good job.

Dan Enos represented Arkansas well and will move on to his next position with his head held high as he should. Wish him and his family the very best, thank you Coach Enos ! WPS