Breaking Down Gafford's decision (story)... … sion-make/

It is a decision Gafford will have to make. He has my approval either way. Compared to the NBA, Gafford receives nothing of monetary value from college or less than 1%. However, playing is more fun the sitting on the bench, which, if he goes, he will do the first year in the pros.

If I was going to advise him, it would be on this basis. By remaining another year will he earn more the first two years than the first three years if he leaves now? What that means is, if he likely will increase his starting salary by 50% (1.5 times what his starting salary would be this year) by staying another year, he should stay. Otherwise, he should leave.

For example a 15 pick receives $1.971 million. An 8 pick receives $2.918 and about 50% more. Therefore, if he can go from 15th this year to 8th next year, he should stay. However, he should go if next year would be less than 8th.

Larry Bird, as a former GM, said something interesting in an interview with Kevin McHale. One commonly cited point for leaving is the belief that a year in the NBA is better development than a year in college and you get paid. However, Bird mentioned that it is difficult to develop young players that are drafted on potential if they don’t earn minutes. It’s my understanding that NBA teams don’t practice a lot during the season. The only clear cut argument for leaving if you have a chance to move up significantly in the draft is injury risk.