breaking ball is making us look bad

we have trouble hitting it and he is wearing us out with it.Kenley got us on the board but unless we learn to lay off or hit the CB going to be real close game noland has been awesome just no room for error

just blew a huge opportunity to get some insurnace but 2 k’s ends the inning, guy has a 5 era and has k’d 9 in 4 innings…unreal we may look back and regret that…

thank you Tenn for giving us a run but we have left about 7-8 on base today just hope it don’t cost us.

Kicked a grounder and gave that run back.

yeah you don’t expect your best infielder to boot a routine grounder but that’s what happens when you don’t charge the ball he let it play him and it cost us a run.

Looks like we finally got the pitchers’ duel we expected Friday night.

this a huge game b/c 2 game lead is way better than a 1 game lead over 3 teams buyt I don’t like the way this is going… we have blown 2 great chances to put this away and now we have to hope we can hold on

Great play by Casey to end the 7th. That’s why you put up with the errors, because nobody else makes that play.

bigtime play there by Martin!!..come guys lets get Noland some insurance!!

well we blow this game its nobody fault but our own very poor art the plate today which sometimes happens after 2 big run games for whatever reason,we ll here comes Denton we will see how he does.

Well, heeeeeeere come Cronin!
Please, please, please no Hit!
Especially a HR!!
Dadgum it!!!
Gave up two hits and then give up the lead!! Ugh!!
Had a pick off dead to rights and flub it up. Next batter hits in the go ahead run.
We still have two more chances!!
Hi Hogs:bangbang:

yep!! cronin comes in and gives up game tying hit and we screw up a pick off!! and then he gives up go ahead hit!!! freaking ridiculous!!

Well, one more chance to win this thing. How many chances have we had with runners in scoring position? 7/8??
Can’t seem to get that clutch hit tonight.
Hope Cronin can keep it at a one run lead.

Their closer comes in and shuts us down for 4 and 2/3rd innings. Our closer comes in with two outs in the top of the 8th and gives up the lead. Go figure. Baseball is a funny game.
We have one more chance to come out of this with a win.
Who’s gonna come up with the big hit???

And it’s Christian Franklin with the first big hit!!!
WPS! Come on now Hogs!


Franklin with game tying HR!!! youdaman!!he’s the only one who hit this guy he’s doubled and HR.

Cronin coming back?
If we can hold em here, I believe we win this in the 10th!!

Got a little bonus baseball. I’m guessing Cronin stays in for the 10th.

Wrong again. It’s Trest

Trest is the pitcher.
Let’s hold em right here!