"Breakfast at Baum"

I believe the public address announcer came up with that (greeted the crowd with “Welcome to breakfast at beautiful Baum Stadium!”) when play was resumed at 12:35 AM. That seems like the name that should endure over time. “Breakfast at Baum”

I read where Clay likened it to the Miracle on Markham. I think it was more like the first 7 OT game vs. Ole Miss. You never knew when it was going to end, and it went back and forth late into the night. At the end, there was both exhilaration and exhaustion.

That was a great line by Jon Williams, who does the PA work (also on this board).

The exact line was, “Good morning, everybody. It’s breakfast at Baum Stadium.”

Haven’t seen Jon much on the new board, or did he change his handle with the switch?