Breakdown on how the Chiefs beat Philly with play design

Identified their defensive tendencies and then designed (or stole) plays to take advantage,

Paywall, but great for X and O heads. Andy Reid is pretty good at this stuff, especially with two weeks to prepare. And why Eric Bieniemy isn’t a head coach somewhere, I have no idea.

Crafty is what comes to mind when Andy Reid is mentioned. He seems to continually seek adjustments to capitalize on an opponent’s tendencies, when given the time. I think this applies to Coach Musselman as well. As in most sports it still ultimately falls on the players to execute in live action.

Andy is pretty creative with a Sharpie too, lol.


I read a lot of analysis and whatnot about how KC should handle the Philly D and time and again, motion came up. Their D struggled adjusting to motion throughout the year and KC is great with it

Reid just came up with a great gameplan.He knew with the great Philly Pass rush,they weren’t going to have time to throw deep.
They established Kelce so much early that he was their sole emphasis the rest of the night and they took advantage of it by getting the ball out quick to the outside and ran a lot of change of direction routes and those are almost impossible to stop especially when you send someone in motion and have stop and reverse direction.
I saw a lot of stuff we could use to create space and hopefully we will do some of this.


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