Breakdown of our schedule in NET quadrants

As they did last year with the RPI, the NCAA grades your schedule by who you played and where you played them using a system of quadrants. A team that’s a Quadrant 1 opponent on the road might be Quadrant 2 at home, or a Quadrant 3 at home might be a Quadrant 2 on the road.

Because LSU’s in 16th in NET today, they would be a Quadrant 1 game anywhere, but particularly in Red Stick. Our other Q1 games were LSU at home (lost in overtime), Texas in El Paso (lost in overtime), at Texas Tech (lost by 3), at Ole Miss, at Tennessee (both not close). Remaining Q1 games if the rankings don’t change much: at Kentucky, Moo U at home, at Auburn. We’re 1-5 but could easily be 4-2.

Q2 games so far: Indiana, Florida, at TAM, record 2-1. Remaining: @ Missouri, Ole Miss at home, @ Vandy, @SoCar, Bama.

Q3 games so far: at Colorado State, Western Kentucky (loss), UTSA, Georgia Tech (loss), Texas State, Austin Peay, Georgia and Missouri; record 6-2. Remaining Q3s: Vandy and A&M at home. Two Q3 losses at home isn’t a good look, but if you have 8 losses in early February, it’s probably because you had a couple of slips like that.

Q4 games, all wins: Cal-Davis, Montana State, UT-Arlington, FIU. Remaining Q4s: None.

Mike did a good job of avoiding Q4s