Breakdown of Kendall Briles Offense

This guy does a great job of breaking down the Briles offense…enjoy.

Great find, thanks!

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Thanks youda. Good take here

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Yes very good.

So in today’s world do we have computer analytics that tells everybody how you play, think, permission for a bathroom break, etc?

How do you beat the defense? Have a receiver like T. Burks! I think I could have even figured that one out.


yeah he didn’t go into great detail on how you beat the defense LOL.yeah it helps when you got a great WR and a QB who can spin it perfectly 30 yds down field before the DB can turn around.

Technology is everywhere in sports today,they probably have stats for the stats nowdays.its i bit much for me but if they like it that’s all that matters

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Right. I’m sure he’s a good X & O guy, like a lot of Power 5 coordinators, but his offenses are really good because he’s very good at recruiting and coaching quarterbacks.

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