Breakdown of Hicks vs. Starkel

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We now have two legit FBS QBs. That’s a start and an improvement.

Didn’t realize there was a QB in college with more pick 6’s than Brandon Allen. But Brandon cured his later.

Brandon and Austin Allen both spent a lot of time running for their life in the backfield.
So some of those interceptions were just because they were trying to make plays!
They are both tuff as nails and keep getting up after being blasted!
These 2 new QB’s were getting via the transfer better have their eyes open and running shoes on! If the Oline is better this year we may be able to compete for a few more years but don’t put it all on the QB!
Personally I like Starkel as the starter. Hicks is already on campus but I give the edge to Starkel because he has played in the SEC.

Neither one of them is very mobile so this offensive line better be much improved or it really wont matter.Hicks probably deserves the first shot because he knows the offense much better than Starkel. I personally like Noland better than both of them but he hasn’t shown what he can do because he hasn’t had time to throw the ball.

I just don’t want to see Noland get hurt and beat up playing football.

I think that Noland’s future is in baseball, but he deserves an opportunity to play QB as he obviously wants to. As a long-time Royals fan, I’m still ticked off that Bo Jackson got hurt playing for the Raiders.

I’m excited about it.

I think hicks is the season starter, for us this year. Now, if that changes later on, maybe. But I think it’s his to lose right now.

It’s nice to see the absolute flip of a QBs room in just a year, from probably the worst in the SEC to what I believe at least from a depth standpoint, one of the better ones.

I wouldn’t count Noland out completely, competition can bring out more than the best sometimes. He is a smart kid and heck of an athlete.

What a career derailed there when Bo had that freak injury. In a lot of ways thousands (maybe millions by now) of people benefitted after Bo got what may have been one of the first artificial hips. I know lots of people who were practically crippled until they got a Bo Jackson Hip as they called them.

Agree with both thoughts.

Who knows how many highlights from a Hall of Fame career that Bo would have given us over the years.

And if I was Conner, I wouldn’t risk those big hits.