Breakdown of Ark vs. Tennessee by the numbers

interesting read, even if it does come from Knoxville . . . … -arkansas/

We can’t protect the rim? Gafford isn’t third in the SEC in blocks by magic. Now sometimes the opponents get chippies on offensive rebounds, after blocks or otherwise, but there is rim protection happening.

I think that’s stuff is straight from the Vols media. 75-70 is his prediction! I don’t think the Vols get to 70 much less 75 the way that shot the ball yesterday. He also noted they are more athletic.
I hope the hogs have enough gas in the tank to have energy for 40 minutes today.
That will be key today. If the hogs shoot above 40% today I think we win !

The Gameday crew all picked TN this morning. All said they had two grown men in the paint. Too much for us to handle. I hope Gafford embarrasses them.