Breakdown For Next Year and Development

  1. Captain Obvious here on Devo…develop a right handed drive and 3 point shot. Keep growing and get stronger.
  2. JD…learn the nuances of facilitating and passing to teammates and when to pull up for mid range shots. Grow more as a dude on D. Keep shooting, learn the pump fake to get to the line more.
  3. JWill…grow your post moves and mid range jumpers and be a consistent scoring threat. Be the dog on the glass and on D in the post. Loved that passing down the stretch this year.
  4. Desi…get well and healthy for Sr year. Your swag is needed to lead next year.
  5. Connor…keep working and lifting, and shooting. Nobody can teach 7-3 so let our coaches mold your skills and maximize your God given ability. We know you can do it!
  6. KK…let that foot heal then go to work! We needed you this year but will definitely need you next year. Work on that stroke and how to score when you blow by folks when healthy again next year.
  7. Incoming signees…got a shooter, athletic big man and forward to help our front line. Be coachable and ready to work.
  8. Muss…do your thing in the portal and surprise us all again. We’ve enjoyed every minute of this year! You’ve awakened the sleeping giant.
    WPS! Hope I didn’t forget someone.

I think you covered about everything from a team and staff perspective.
Hopefully this Covid pandemic is under control enough so summer games and recruiting and practices can get back to normal. BWA can be rocking during games.

I think Kamani Johnson might also be able to help us a lot. Excited to see what he can do.

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My hope is that we can get thru a season without a catastrophic injury (or 2) that partly derails the season.

If not for the Smith injury, where we lost 4 or 5 games, Arkansas likely ends up as a 2 seed instead of a 3.

Certainly could’ve used KK last nite against those Baylor guards, since he’s the quickest Razorback guard that we have on the team.

Not to mention KK looks like chiseled granite. Dude is swole.

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If Kamani is as tough as Muss mentioned in his press conference I too will be anxious to see Kamani play next year.

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Yeah, I agree with you about Johnson. I keep coming back to a statement PJ made about him at UALR. He said he was a “poor man’s Justin Smith.” Made me think that while at Indiana, Justin Smith played like a “poor man’s Justin Smith.” Kamani will have a whole year in the system, Justin only had a few months when the season started.

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