Brazile Different

Usually when you hear about an injury like this the first thought is how does it affect the team.
With Brazile it hit me differently. My heart just goes out to him.
He has worked so hard and under Muss he seemed to be finding his high level game.
I wish him a quick recovery and look forward to seeing him on the court again.


I agree, Hursthawg. He was blossoming in this system. Really athletic and versatile. It’s heartbreaking that his season was cut short. Not sure what it all means for next year. He’s got the measurables and athleticism to play pro ball. Hope we get to see him in an Arkansas uniform again.


I had just told my Dad about a week prior to this that with the way this team is a bunch of high flyers and throwing their bodies all over the place I sure hope we don’t pick up any injuries. I figured someone would come down land on a foot and break an ankle or wrench a knee. However it happen on just a drive around someone. No high flying, just a cut gone bad. Go figure.

Sure feel for they young man he was certainly hitting his stride with the Hogs in Muss’s system. Also hate it for the Hogs as well, no one on the team has his particular skill set and it was being used to a huge advantage of pulling Bigs away from the basket to open driving lanes.

Devastating blow.

I hope he makes a speedy full recovery. I know with my knee, it took forever for me just to trust it again. That was the hardest thing to overcome. As for the pain, it still hurts every day and its been 40+ years since I tore mine up. I’m so use to it that when it doesn’t hurt is when I notice now.


This is similar, in my mind, to losing Jalen Catalon or Peyton Pallette. We are due for some good luck. All three, with a healthy season, could have been first round picks. Pallette was still drafted and got a nice bonus. But it could have been much sweeter.

You hurt for the team, but the devastation to the family is real.


That’s why I don’t like this “quitter” talk when someone portals. These young men and women are doing very physical stuff on a daily basis with an eye toward making a living. We have to understand that, and that everyone is one play away from a possible career ending injury. Hopefully that is not Trevon. Career decisions in this environment — portal transferring, etc. — may be imperfect but players should not be blasted for doing it. We are all trying to make a living and be successful. Loyalty only goes so far, especially when injuries can strike and you need playing time to get noticed.

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I don’t hear many use that term. Really only one. I just ignore a lot of stuff I read these days and decide where I spend my time and who I listen to for my pleasure. I’ve learned that slowly. My wife has been retired six years. She is coaching me. Eliminate the things that cause stress and are no fun.

I was trying to figure out streamer fishing. It was no fun and resulted in a sore shoulder. I eliminated that. Did I quit? Not in my eyes. I just moved on to what I love, midge fishing and dead drifting big nymphs like girdle bugs.


I had to chuckle out loud when I read your last sentence. I would have understood it just as much if you had posted it in Greek or Mandarin. :rofl:

Obviously I don’t fish, let alone fly fish. I do enjoy your fishing stories, even though I don’t understand much of the equipment, or other associated terms. That’s your writing ability showing through.


What is a girdle bug? Like a wooly bugger?

I’m very glad you still post here. Bonus time for us.

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It is a stone fly nymph. YouTube Pat’s Rubber Leg fly. You will be tying them soon.

I’ve caught a lot of trout In the White and Little Red on an olive wooly buggar, which I guess is a light streamer. Clay’s midge fishing is the truth though. Takes some skill.


Girdle bug. Mine don’t look like this. I use coffee/black chenille and different rubber legs. I’ll show one of those.

My best big brown fly on White.


Clay you know humor is my tonic. I told Mrs. Pav I can do a lot with a girdle bug. Mrs. Pav says leave well enough alone or there will be marital discord in our family. Dang. I could have so much fun with this.


Wait til you show her my girdle bug.

What is a streamer fishing?

Streamers are bigger flies that you fish on an active retrieve, and these flies imitate baitfish, crayfish, leeches, and large aquatic insects like hellgrammites. Streamers are the fly-fishing equivalent of conventional lures. Because they fly is usually moving, strikes can be explosive.

Techniques for Fishing Midges:

More often than not start out with a nymping setup with two flies one imitating the midge larva and the other a midge pupa . Separate the flies about 14-18 inches apart. Put on the midge larva as the bottom fly and the pupa as the lead or attractor fly.

Sounds stupid but I have learned more in the last hour than my whole life…

Clay is as good or better at this than just about anybody. It is what he learned and very effective in the water he fishes. Out of the above, I like the Prince Nymph. Clay has never recommended it to me down their, but it came be extremely effective here (especially grocery store prince nymphs).

Smart trout people say that 90% of the trout’s diet is these sub surface aquatics. I suspect that is close to right. You are more lik to take Brown trout on streamers and big hoppers as they are more of a predator, but they certainly eat their share of midges.

Don’t need TB near any slippery rocks, girdle bugs, midges, or fly poles. Clay done hi-jacked the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will tie some girdle bugs after hoops today.

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My girdle bugs. Size 8 hook. One is fatter with heavier lead wire underneath. Not sure which I like the most. Trimmed a leg to tight while clipping thread. I like them to be anatomically correct with six legs. Two tail antennae and two at head. These have 3.2 mm tungsten beads. One has 1.5 lead wire wrapped for base. Another 2.5 lead. They are made to sink like an anchor. I also tie them without the heavy bead for light flows.

Out west they represent stone fly nymphs. We don’t have many stone flies on White. Maybe the big browns eat them for crayfish. Maybe helgremites. But they eat them.

Kristopher (so in law) was first guide on the river to put it in his regular rotation in big water about five years ago. Most do it now but he has it down better than anyone I know.

Not saying exactly what he does but it is highly successful.

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