Braydon Webb arrested

Webb was arrested last night on Dickson for public intoxication.


Real smooth move.

Would like to know a bit more about what cause it, but got no problem with him drinking he is 23… 2 years beyond the legal limit.

When I was in college there, I was 22 and had drank too much while on Dickson street, so instead of driving home, I decided I’d walk home and get my car the next day. I got stopped on my way home by 2 cops and I explained I had too much and didn’t want to drive and was walking home. So they took me in for public intox. In my opinion it was BS. They have a nice history of making bank off university students like most businesses in NWA. Fines were steep and they really like to hand out offenses.

Another incident that happened to a friend if mine in Fort Smith. He and his buddy were driving home and both had too much to drink. Got pulled over (rightly so). The driver got a DWI and here is where the BS began. The passenger had done nothing illegal. He was a passenger… not driving. They then demanded he exit the vehicle, he didn’t want to and was told if he didn’t then they’d pull him out and arrest him for resisting. So he go out of the vehicle and when he did, he then instantly became a public intox and they took him to jail as well. He eventually got his charges tossed, but still spent the night in jail.

Not saying this was Webb’s situation, just sharing an experience I once had.


Way too much of this mode of behavior from many police.
In Fayetteville, they have it down to a science. Got to generate their pay to keep the higher ups happy. This adds to dislike for them. If someone is not being disorderly or in any way a threat to others, this is pathetic and reflects poorly on the local police. Their chance to gain a sliver of notoriety amongst their brethren, probably get a gold star if they bag a Razorback athlete.

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If Brayden didn’t swing first where is the assault charge on Yancey the hot dog stand owner. Says he “Hit” Webb before restraining him from behind.
More bank for the local police & prosecutors office???

Evidently you have heard more than most… was there an altercation. A fight? And what’s this about a hot dog stand owner.

Please point us to an article that enlightens us, or tell us a bit more of the story.

EDITED: Nevermind… I found it.

Having a little too much to drink & not driving doesn’t bother me, but the behavior surrounding it bothers me a lot. He ought to know better than that. That court date is right in the middle of the NCAA tournament, too.

These guys need to remember they’re not just individuals, but are representatives of the program, the university, & their families. I hope he’s contrite. I don’t pretend to know how DVH should handle it, but not taking him to Hoover might not be a bad idea.


Nobody messes with Yancey. He’s a good guy, awesome dogs!

Athletes shouldn’t be eating hot dogs at 2 a.m. Who is Braydon using as a personal trainer, Babe Ruth? Cutting in line doesn’t look good either. Especially when you’re hitting .179. I’m not blaming this one on FPD. Disappointing leadership from a 23 year old.


Yep, sad times when someone gets arrested and adults automatically start blaming the police officer.


Stuff happens, he made a mistake, it’s not like anyone got hurt. I’m sure they’ll be some sort of discipline, and we’ll move on.


Tell that to Bob Holt, who had just written an article titled ’ No Hangover '.


It’s not a major crime & I doubt anyone thinks he needs to be jailed or kicked off the team, but if he broke a credit card reader & kicked over a table because the proprietor wouldn’t let him cut in line is more than just a little mistake. To me, that’s worse than DUI. Drunk or not, he made an arrogant decision to hurt someone else. I’m pissed at him.

I hope he’s genuinely ashamed and will take his punishment like a man. He’s 23, not 18.


Yea well if law enforcement followed (or knew) the law, there wouldn’t be a need for prosecutors and defense attorneys.

For instance, in this situation it sounds like he was disorderly, but the officer for some reason thinks being disorderly while intoxicated is a public intox. Unfortunately that’s not the law. The law says he must be intoxicated AND be a DANGER to himself or others. Had he pushed Yancey instead of the hot dog stand the charge may have been more appropriate. But being upset because you’re drunk and hungry is not a public intox.

I agreed with your post, but then read the story. Nope. This one is on Braydon.


Say what???

That’s a ridiculously naive statement


That’s not true at all.

Oh my goodness.

Geez I’m not saying all law enforcement doesn’t know the law. I’ve worked alongside fantastic officers. All I’m saying is mistakes get made. If mistakes weren’t made then we wouldn’t have the system we have in this instance. Clearly I think a mistake was made in Webb’s situation. I’ve been on both sides of the law (obviously I’m a lawyer), so I kinda have first hand knowledge with what I speak of. Votan gave a great example. I don’t make this stuff up.

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