bravo.. AA has had full day already

smart move to give the youngster some reps

I agee. Plus AA has been beaten to death today. Let him rest.

My imagination or does it seem like the ball is coming out faster?

He doesn’t hold it long.

I don’t know if SC has reserves in, or has gone to a softer scheme, but you are right. Cole is getting rid of it quicker. Looked good.

I don’t post often, nor do I bad mouth coach BB. I liked the coach,but today ,he should have his butt kicked up to his shoulders blades…Why the hell did he bring AA back in the starting of the 4th, he needed to come out in the 3rd quarter, You could look at him and see the hurt and dazed look in his eyes. He looked like a rag doll that had been run over by a road grader…AA is done as quarter back for the Hogs, Thanks to our head coach BB…