Braves Sweep Mets......Magic Number is 1

…officially 2, but the Braves won the season series which is the tie break. Two in front, 3 to play.


Very proud of my Braves they played exceptional baseball. I just hope we can play this way when postseason starts that’s my biggest concern, if we win the division then have to wait a week sometimes it’s tough just to flip the switch and start playing good again.

They’ll get the Cardinals if my math is right, of course StL has to take care of business. That would be fun if it happens.

Yes but we still have to clinch the division LOL hopefully we will do that tonight but if Philadelphia wins one more game it will definitely be Philly and St Louis matched up should be a good series.

Not so fast…Philadelphia could still finish ahead of the Padres, they do hold the tie break. Not likely, they finish up in Houston. They could also get swept, and Milwaukee sweep Arizona, also, not likely but the only path for the Brewers since the Phillies won the season series.

Philadelphia just has to win one I believe.

Braves getting smoked 4-0 in the third inning by the Marlins they better wake up. Marlins are going to play very hard knowing this is the last three games for mattingly.

Have to tip my hat to the Braves. Any team that can beat deGrom and Scherzer in the same series gets a lot of respect from me.

I would love to see the Mets take at least 2 of 3 and get 100 wins this season.

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Yes I was very impressed with the offense and our pitching if we can play like that it’ll be hard to beat us.
But this team can be kind of streaky. the bats go silent for a few days sometimes and in the playoffs that’s all it takes for you to get beat.
The Mets are tough team because of their pitching and they’re hitting approach of just trying to put the ball in play… they don’t strike out much, so it puts a lot of pressure on your defense and they have one of the elite closers in the game.

Philly is in but, can still catch the Padres and hold the tie break, so they would play the Mets / Braves if that happens.

Mets rained out last nite and have to play a DH today and must win both combined with a Braves loss for things to get really interesting. :sunglasses:

Well the Braves are pitching their worst starting pitcher so anything is possible especially if we hit like we have never seen a baseball in our life again tonight…

Five in a row!!! Incredible job by the pitching staff because the offense stranded all kind of runners LOL. They drive me crazy doing that sometimes. Now get you some rest and let’s come back and take care of business!!

Congratulations on the division title. That was a heck of a second half by the Braves.

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Thanks… heck of a division battle with a Great Mets team who is still extremely dangerous and as we proved last year you can come out of the wild card and win it all.

Not a fan of a division winner having to paly a Wild Card Series.

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