Braves fans should be proud

Mercy guys.

It’s a game or is supposed to be…

Tell me about it. Try to give a Braves fan some credit and the guy gets unhinged.

You weren’t trying to give any credit man you were sitting here trying to act like the Cardinals were the favorite going into the series(how about checking the betting lines bud) calling the Braves scrappy little team that we should have nothing to hang our heads about because we lost two out of three ( gave you 2/3) to the mighty St Louis Cardinals LOL. Then you start talking nonsense about lucky World series last year and not being in the same league with you even though we had beaten you 20/25 and 10 in a row in your own ballpark!!! and you call them a downtrodden woebegone franchise LOL which is about the stupidest thing you could ever say
About the Braves franchise
All you are is a pot stirrer and you should know by now you will never try to put down a team I support and get away with it you can take that to the bank!!!.. end of the discussion!!

Friday Braves -171
Saturday Cardinals -108
Sunday Cardinals -148

What else you got for me?

If you’re unsure how lines work it’s okay. Just ask

All I was going on is one of your fellow St Louis Cardinals was talking about how the Braves were a heavy favorite on Friday and again on Saturday. I don’t pay attention to crap like that but evidently he did and he had evidence of it so I don’t know what betting line you’re looking at and he’s looking at.

I’m confused @youdaman

Yeah the Cardinals were not seeing either one of our top two starters. You were saying Morton who has been very inconsistent and odorizzi who is only had one halfway decent start going against Montgomery and Wainwright so you definitely had the pitching advantages.

I think we’re done here folks

Guy tells me to check the betting lines. He, in fact, does not checking the betting lines. Then proceeds to call it “crap.”

Yeah they are crap to me but obviously not to a lot of people.

Like I said, good luck the rest of the way. I’m rooting for Atlanta. Fun little bunch y’all got. #ChopOn

Yep a lot of baseball left to play. Yes and if you’re in Atlanta you will hear the chop loud and clear.

Last time I was there it was pretty silent so I’ll take your word for it. It was also 10-0 Cardinals after the top half of the first in Game 5.

Keep on living in the past that always seems to work well for the future LOL.

Present seems to be pretty good.

Good luck catching the Pond Scum

Yep both teams have very good ball clubs and we will see how it all plays out. We can catch the Mets but we got to stop giving away games if we’re going to do it. We got them three games at home at the very end of the season so we’ll see how important they are.

I said they were a slight favorite on Saturday, the Vegas books closed it at PIK (tossup). Anyways, great Series, got to watch all three games. Starting pitching advantage for the Cards never materialized, Braves bullpen blew both games they lost, including the WALK OFF walk.

ESPN announcer Perez I think is his last name, the other guy next to Cone, said the Braves won’t catch the Mets, so I’m gonna predict the Braves to Win the East! :sunglasses:

Yes if the Braves have a weakness it is in the bullpen because Jansen although he’s only blown 5 saves all year is far from dominant and very rarely has a clean inning and Snitker is loyal to a fault.Minter is very reliable I’m not worried about him at all (had only given up 2 home runs in his last 52 innings)because he’s battle tested and will use this as motivation. I’m not sure if we will catch the mets because they have a much easier schedule down the stretch but if the division is on the line we have them three games in Atlanta next to last series of the year I like our chances to win it at home . Baseball’s game about who’s playing their best ball when it counts and it probably will boil down to that again this year

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I got familiar with the Braves again watching the 3 games, watched 'em pretty close last year playoffs. I’ll be rooting for my Cards first, but if they are knocked out, I’ll be rooting for the Braves to beat the Pukes, er, Dodgers!

Yes!!one thing we definitely have is common as I hate the Dodgers LOL because we have choked against them in the playoffs too many times!! I have always liked the Cardinals because I was a big Lou Brock fan growing up(I got the liking the Braves because Hank Aaron was my favorite player) but it’s the fans like this guy who want to talk down about the Braves just because they haven’t won World championships that flip my switch. Winning 14 straight division championships is pretty salty in my book LOL.

I’ve kinda lost interest since my Brooklyn Dodgers played the
Boston Braves, then the Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves.
I used to enjoy watching the Atlanta Crackers play the Little Rock
travelers, but that is history.