Braves fans should be proud

Nothing to hang their heads about. They’ve got a scrappy little team. They’re better than I thought. They’re just not in the same league as the dodgers or cards. Nice flukey run last year. Should be proud for a franchise known for wetting theirselves every October.

LOL scrappy little team(y’all are the scrappy little team) you lucky you didn’t get swept,flat out gave you the game last night and you didn’t even face the Braves top starters!! and didn’t have Acuna the last 2 games. We have dominated y’all embarrasingly like no team in the national (20/25 think coming into this series,10 in a row in your Park! LOL) you have been the Rented Mule!!! just consider yourself lucky to have won any of these games… The cardinals have a good little team but I will take the Braves anytime when we can Throw Fried,Wright and Strider.Quit living in the past!! This Braves team is much Better than last yr World championship team,Nothing Fluky about the WS run we kicked everybodys butt!! absolute no contest to who was the best team.You are truly full of crap dude to an all time level with this post!! especially the way y’all have been embarrased by the scrappy little Braves team :rofl: :rofl:

I said you’ve got a good team and should be proud. No need to get defensive.

Braves usually play the Cardinals tough in the postseason, unless it’s a deciding game in Atlanta and the Birds are hanging 10 runs in the first inning. I don’t believe the Braves have beaten the Cardinals in a postseason series since the 90s and it’s clearly not happening this year, but I’ll give Atlanta their props. For such a downtrodden, woebegone franchise they’ve got some nice pieces. I could see them winning a division or even a playoff series in a few years.

I can’t believe they still employ Marcell Ozuna given all his legal trouble. Really does kind of define what I think of the franchise. Definitely not in the same class as StL, NYY or LAD

I don’t follow the Braves closely enough to know if this has been a trend, but it seems that back-to-back blown leads against a team they could see in the playoffs might be a red flag.

That said, the Cardinals have been tough for a lot of teams to put away lately.

Downtrodden woebegone franchise. You are a freaking joke Man!! You said we should be proud as if y’all were the favorites coming into this series LOL!! Far from it you were getting freaking no hit by our number 5 starter tonight for almost six innings LOL.

Keep on dreaming if you think the Braves don’t have a much better chance of winning the World series than the Cardinals who only have about 3 players that anybody in baseball even knows on their team (but they are Scrappy I will give them that LOL)

Jansen believe it or not usually does get the job done in closing the games although he’ll make you drink hard liquor before he does it LOL… (I believe Iglesias is the much better option to close so we will see)Minter I know for a fact has not given up 2 home runs in the same inning probably in his career. He had only given up 2 in his last 52 1/3 inn so he rarely gives them up.For some reason tonight thought all he had to do was throw his fastball when he has got an absolutely nasty cutter that he usually mixes in quite a bit, so it’s definitely not a trend.

Here I am trying to extend an olive branch and you’re acting like this. I won’t hold it against ya. I would expect it from any fan who has had to ensure watching his favorite team drool on theirselves to end the season for decades on end.

Cards have the top two NL position players in WAR. I suppose if that’s scrappy team, I’ll take it.

Anyway, congrats on fielding a fine team. For selfish reasons I’m hopeful the Cards play the Braves in the NLCS. Given the postseason history between the two clubs I won’t be offended if you’d rather have your hand stuck in a blender.

Have a goodnight

Let me give you a hint it takes more than 2 players to win a championship LOL I would love to see the Braves face Cardinals as opposed to playing the Mets or the Dodgers any day anywhere!!

Mercy guys.

It’s a game or is supposed to be…

Tell me about it. Try to give a Braves fan some credit and the guy gets unhinged.

You weren’t trying to give any credit man you were sitting here trying to act like the Cardinals were the favorite going into the series(how about checking the betting lines bud) calling the Braves scrappy little team that we should have nothing to hang our heads about because we lost two out of three ( gave you 2/3) to the mighty St Louis Cardinals LOL. Then you start talking nonsense about lucky World series last year and not being in the same league with you even though we had beaten you 20/25 and 10 in a row in your own ballpark!!! and you call them a downtrodden woebegone franchise LOL which is about the stupidest thing you could ever say
About the Braves franchise
All you are is a pot stirrer and you should know by now you will never try to put down a team I support and get away with it you can take that to the bank!!!.. end of the discussion!!

Friday Braves -171
Saturday Cardinals -108
Sunday Cardinals -148

What else you got for me?

If you’re unsure how lines work it’s okay. Just ask

All I was going on is one of your fellow St Louis Cardinals was talking about how the Braves were a heavy favorite on Friday and again on Saturday. I don’t pay attention to crap like that but evidently he did and he had evidence of it so I don’t know what betting line you’re looking at and he’s looking at.

I’m confused @youdaman

Yeah the Cardinals were not seeing either one of our top two starters. You were saying Morton who has been very inconsistent and odorizzi who is only had one halfway decent start going against Montgomery and Wainwright so you definitely had the pitching advantages.

I think we’re done here folks

Guy tells me to check the betting lines. He, in fact, does not checking the betting lines. Then proceeds to call it “crap.”

Yeah they are crap to me but obviously not to a lot of people.

Like I said, good luck the rest of the way. I’m rooting for Atlanta. Fun little bunch y’all got. #ChopOn

Yep a lot of baseball left to play. Yes and if you’re in Atlanta you will hear the chop loud and clear.

Last time I was there it was pretty silent so I’ll take your word for it. It was also 10-0 Cardinals after the top half of the first in Game 5.