Braves are crushing Cardinal pitching

And as usual, Card bats are silent against a guy making his major league debut.

Go Braves!

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I would tell you where those Braves can go, but it is Holy Week!



The Braves were on TBS for so many years they picked up fans across the country! I followed pretty close for a lot of years.


I have been a fan ever since Hank Aaron days when I could listen to the radio on 750 AM once it got dark… I always liked the Cardinals too though bc I liked Lou Brock

Braves were my #2 until the 94 strike. Went to a lot of games in the old old stadium. I ignored MLB for 13 years until I moved to the St. Louis area in 07. Now the Braves are just another team to me. They do appear to be absolutely loaded again though.

Great offensive team…don’t have our top two starters or our closer available right now so hopefully we can get them back and pitching the way they did last year.

Cardinals should win their division. Hopefully the Braves can win theirs

The rookie starter out of SEMO was impressive tonight, but then again, so is every other rookie who makes his major league debut against the Cardinals.

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Dodd pitched really well at Baum in 2021 — 6 innings, 2 runs, 3 hits, 2 walks, 10 strikeouts. The only runs against him were solo homers by Christian Franklin and Brady Slavens.

That was one of the early games when you could see Arkansas’ knack for making a comeback. The Razorbacks scored three in the ninth to force extras and won in 10 innings.

You know he had to be juiced to make his MLB debut in St. Louis. He grew up in Illinois and had a lot of family there.

Yes he shut down our great 2021 team when he pitched against us so I remember him…

He was absolutely phenomenal tonight and he pretty much was that way all spring except for one outing. Very impressed with him

My Braves are exactly the same way. Never seen the pitcher they appear to be clueless

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