Brandon Winbush?

Is he a possibility?

I like him.,let’s go

I don’t mind getting a transfer QB but only if he is a shoo-in to start. I have no doubt about this young man’s talent, but I do not know how well he’d fit into CCM’s offense. The one thing that sold me on Kelly Bryant was he had ran the offense before and was recruited by CCM. Could Brandon Winbush start immediately? Most likely, but I don’t want to bring in a transfer QB who won’t pick up the CCM offense just to be bringing one in. I’d rather take our lumps with on-the-job training for Connor Noland.

Recent comments by Morris strongly imply he is looking for another qb to join the team for competition and for having more options if two of the existing qb’s were to have injuries during year. Both reasons are well thought out when you consider who we have and their unproven ability to run this offense be it injuries or lack talent/ executuion. I think he wants more competition and he wants it now.

I would think they have or will at least look into it.