Brandon Thomas to Memphis

RD, are we just taking one RB with Dixon as an athlete to see where he fits?

Sure looks that way.

Trelon smith is counted in the 2020 class.

Yeah, so, for month’s we were told we would take 2 RB’s in this class, and that’s after Smith had committed to us. My guess is Dixon fits an either or spot.

Dixon as WR caught 84 passes for 1100 yards last year. I know where I would play him.

Sorry, was on the road since 10:45.

Memphis has been on Thomas hard for a good bit of time. Memphis also signed one of his teammates in Feb.

That said I don’t think this is over.

I would’ve felt better had you said they just want Dixon as the RB. Lol

Now I’m thinking a low 3 star, from Arkansas, chose Memphis over us… ouch

I get you like the stars, but there’s plenty of kids that turn out pretty darn good.

No question, some do.
Majority of 3 stars, aren’t and won’t be SEC caliber. Contrary to the belief that they are all diamonds in the rough. (I know that’s not always the though, but around here it just about always is when we convince ourselves that XX 3star is actually a sleeper and was about to blow up, people aren’t scared to recruit against us… if XX was about to blow up, they still will, schools will find them, we aren’t the most superior evaluators. That’s something that just always gets to me)

At the end of the day… the saying is Stars don’t matter, but the true statement is… they absolutely matter.

(But I was just saying, it doesn’t look good that he chose Memphis over us, if we infact didn’t tell him we were full with the looming commit of Dixon)

I get your thinking but to automatically dismiss a kid for being a 3-star or even the offer list is something I don’t get. Never will.

We truly can’t forecast the next 4-5 years.

I didn’t dismiss him, at all.
And I agree, we have no clue, how they will work out.

Sometimes I do, I’m still dismissive of majority of the OL we signed last year, but I haven’t been for him.

I really don’t know anything about him, other than a very brief look at his huddle, and it was pretty good, but it doesn’t just scream SEC.

How many fliers can you take? It appears we may only sign Gentry in this class as a true RB, and throw in Smith as a freshman redshirting.

Not hip. What is a flyer?

A risky chance.

Gotcha. Those damn 3-stars.

Hammer down.

Still have plenty of time to sign a good running back I don’t get the concern.

Every major RB target we have offered has basically said no thanks. Now even the minor targets are saying no. But the good news is we got a 18 WR’s and 8 QB’s! Geez…

Last I heard there were 2-3 really solid RBs from OK who were still thinking about UA. Maybe I missed the update?

[size=150][color=#BF0000]Ding! Ding! Ding![/color][/size]

Not taking a shot at Jrjdent, specifically, but I completely agree with this post, RD. I DO agree that if you have twenty 3 stars, at random, and twenty 4 or 5 stars - also at random - the odds are great that the overall talent and potential is greater in the second group of recruits.

But, on an individual basis, it is lunacy to just look at the stars and instantly assume that a four star is going to be a better player than a 3 star. insane.

Yet, folks do that here and other similar places ALL THE TIME.