Brandon Miller's attorney says

The kid never touched the weapon in question, and Miles had left the gun covered up in Miller’s back seat.

He’s obviously hired a good attorney. I saw Oats presser, the AD presser and the attorney’s spin on the event. All agree that Miller was asked to bring the gun. All say that since Miller is not charged he did no wrong. That is a problem. Just a short “Brandon really made a poor decision that night” our students should do better. Crickets….

Poor kid! I guess PJ and RD were correct . He was just an innocent bystander. Lol.

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This is a (very serious) legal matter at this point, not a PR or “teach the kid a lesson” issue. Brandon Miller is in serious jeopardy of going to prison. This isn’t the time to say “he really made a poor decision that night” (if your goal is staying out of prison). They are coordinating with lawyers, I’m sure. It’s not like we’re talking about a public intoxication charge or MIP - it’s MURDER… and it needs to be and is going to be handled differently.

I wonder if the State of Alabama has a basketball team in the prison system?

Someone told me today that a new law in Alabama requires no background check to buy a gun. Not sure if that is true or not

Perhaps we could ask Bruce.

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He would know. Pearl has prorbably already called Oates and gave him some legal advice.

the problem i have with Miller;s attorney statement is…they said he had no knowledge that the gun was in the car and it was covered up…yet Miles or one of the officers testified that Miles had texted Miller to bring the gun to him,and supposely Miller brought him the gun "in the hat"so how did it go from being covered up and not knowing it was in the car to handing it to him in the hat…understand the lawyers spin but when it conflicts with what the suspect/officer testifies to it has to make one wonder…and common sense tells me(at least)if someone says bring the gun…then somethings getting ready to go down or the police should had been called


You are close but not quite. My take has always been that he made poor decisions but nothing we know SO FAR says he did anything criminal. Also he should have been sat down for having poor judgement for a few games back then. It is too late now. Also I wouldn’t mind if he is suspended thru this Saturday. LOL.

But it may not be over. There could be new discoveries in the trial and it may go your way eventuallly.

As of January 1, 2023, anyone age 18 or over who is not prohibited by state or federal law may carry a handgun in the state without a permit, background check, or safety training

Well that about figures

It’s true. I, unfortunately, live here.


I’m all for the Second Amendment. But that’s just ridiculous.

I believe, if someone buys a firearm anywhere from a federally licensed dealer, they are required to pass the federal background check. This unfortunately, doesn’t apply on sales from one individual to another.

PJ, it’s not me wanting my way. Accountability from all parties is what I would like to see. A young mother was murdered and so far no one from the University of Alabama seems to be as concerned about that as should be!


Jerry, honest question here. Incident occurred off of campus property by folks over 18. The student who allegedly pulled the trigger has been arrested, charged, kicked off of the team and I assume dismissed from school.

What else should they do? Just bc other players there, if not violating a team rule to be there, what should they do in your opinion?

Not trying to fight just trying to understand.

A lot of you don’t remember December 1977. Three of our starting football players were involved in an alleged sexual assault, which was a lot of he said/she said. I don’t have any idea what actually happened, but the charges were eventually dropped. However, Lou Holtz suspended them from the Orange Bowl for violating his “do right” rule. Those three didn’t do right. Neither did Brandon Miller.


It’s clear many think it’s okay to deliver a gun to someone who kills a mother. So be it.


Especially if he averages 19 points a game.