Brandon Miller and Nick Smith

The difference between Brandon Miller I watched at BWA and the Miller I am watching at SECT is night and day. The inside game, rebounding, shot blocking has gone to the next level. Just love watching his game. Whatever NBA team that drafts him is getting a KD.

Watching Miller makes me wonder what Nick Smith would be like today if he had played the whole season like Miller. Man, we missed out on watching greatness.


Similar to Joe Johnson. We didn’t see the true Joe due to academics and injury.

Yeah. Joe at least played over two years, one semester each. Nick not even that.

Hes a thug and punk - don’t idolize the hoodlum.


yes he is bayouhog

Miller maybe even more talented than Nick, but as a GM, I would take Nick over Miller any day. An ability to make good decisions in life is just as making decisions on the court. Miller may give a bigger bang for the buck earlier than Nick, but Nicknis the better investment in the long run. Miller will likely surround himself with people who do not have his best interest at heart. Nick has a good head on his shoulders and has proven himself loyal and committed to the team. Miller just loves and is loyal to himself.


Life comes down to choices, pretty simple. WPS

And a child loses a mother because of terrible choices.

I would t want Miller on my team! Period. End of story. I hope he gets sued and has to pay the family!

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And a child loses a mother because of terrible choices.
Plus his friend that he thought he was helping may end up serving serious time in

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And he thought it was funny to be frisked in front of a sell out crowd. Which cheered him on like a hero. Can’t make this stuff up. :frowning_face:

Can’t imagine that is what an NBA team would want.

Hopefully not often injured KD, but that type of talent. 6-9 with that smooth of a shot, with better handle than KD is unique. He may move up to #2 in the draft ahead of Scoot Henderson. Really, a NBA team can’t go wrong with either Scoot or Brandon. Again wish Nick had a full season. He could be right there with those two.

Miller is a great big man. Generally speaking,.great big men go in the draft before great guards.

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Yep. Some posters see big things for the thug wannabe. I see a short NBA career. But because of a lack of ability, but a lack of self control. Miller will be his own worst enemy.

Miller looks like a better defender as a college freshman than KD as a college freshman.

I am guessing NBA teams see greatness in Miller.

KD is taller and always seems able to get off a shot and may have better mid range.

But Miller is just getting started and looks stronger.

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See Steph Curry; even less so bigs go before great guards.

I must add intensity. Joe Johnson was highly talented and his long successful NBA career is a testament to that talent.

NSJ is meteoric in combination of talent and a ferocious intensity that should serve him well in the NBA. In a partial year we seen enough to place him aside Sidney Moncrief at pinnacle of all Razorback basketball players. I have little doubt that he would eclipse Sidney if he played two full years. He takes over games in the same fashion we were privileged to watch with Moncrief and Byrd that final great year of college basketball in 1979. NSJ is approaching that height but is not yet there with this year abbreviated by injuries and leaving for the NBA.

Huh? Did you mean he’s taken over in some (plural) Razorback games?

He has shown glimpses of talent. Love to watch him. But Sidney?

Now Sidney had a better supporting cast. And he played an entire year as a freshman and kept getting better for four years.

Nick and Sidney have different styles. Sidney and Corliss are the gold standard. Nick can’t do better than bronze.

If Nick explodes for 3-4 games in the NCAA tournament, maybe I’ll change my mind.