Brandon Martin....

Whats the story on him? I haven’t heard much about him this spring and he was one of our most heralded recruit and also did the guy that we signed in the 17 class, Melvin Johnson, playing anywhere else?

2017 season he seemed slow to learn the playbook or something, he certainly didn’t play much

I’m pretty sure that this spring he was injured so wasn’t out there.

Man, we could really benefit for him playing to his recruiting ranking this year!


I know he’s a big receiver…his size could be a crazy mismatch for opposing defenses

Toward the end of spring ball, myself and Clay saw Martin walking in the indoor with a boot on his right foot. Martin tweeted a day or two after that he was out of it. He didn’t play in the spring game as a precaution, I imagine.

Melvin Johnson signed with Toledo in February.

ok thanks for the update