Brandon Martin....

Just how big of an impact can he make this year? He’s got my vote for newcomer of the year. Looks like an absolute stud in the limited video of practice I’ve seen. I know there’s a big learning curve from JUCO to SEC but he looks like an NFL WR.

My guess is he hits the ground running. Dom Reid had a pretty good first year, but it took him awhile to get going. Brandon going through Spring practice and working with AA all summer is huge. I think his impact will be significant.

I think he’ll play. He reminds me of Boo Williams, more than just that he was big and from junior college. He’s got great hands and he can run routes. He has impressed the few times I watched him.

This guy has tremendous ability and could have a great year if he dedicates himself to working hard. To many of these very talented individuals get caught up in thinking that maybe they are entitled in some way and lose focus on the job at hand. Not by any means saying this is what he’s doing,he has a great opportunity and I hope he takes advantage and makes the very best of his time as a Razorback. I would like to see him and AA stretch the defense and really make it difficult to hone in on just our running game. If O line shows improvement we could have a offense as potent as we’ve seen in awhile. Good luck Mr Martin and bring your best everyday and we will more than likely get to watch you play on Sundays. WPS

I’m told Brandon Martin and Jonathan Nance are both hard workers. They know the clock is ticking and there is only one thing that assures they will play, learn it and prove they know it.

It’s great to hear that they are hard workers, we really need them to come out and make a difference early. Until our defense gets some seasoning under their belt we will probably have to just out score some teams to win. I like the idea of our new defense but just not sure it will be hitting in all cyclinders early in the year. However it does seem like we have more players on both sides of the with Sec type speed which should make a difference in the long run. WPS

I got tickled when Bret Bielema said wife Jen thought Brandon Martin looked like a defensive end (not a wide receiver) when he came to their house on his recruiting visit. I thought to myself, “Yes, Jen, tell him to play Martin at defensive end. That kind of speed is needed on defense.” But I didn’t say it. I just thought it.