Brandon Martin

Any new or rumors of Brandon Martin’s health? Or knowledge of the offense?

We need him to play and to be as advertised. Like…now. Jordan Jones needs to blossom too. He has shown nice hands and speed. he was also the dude AA was screaming at when he said “run the route…”

So there’s that.

Yeah, Jordan was the guy Austin was upset at. Not the only one he got on to or was displeased with, but cameras caught that one.

Martin has to get healthy. Was limited by his back in camp but apparently had a few strong practices when he finally got healthy, then hurts his hamstring. Physically, I’d say he, Jordan and the 2 freshmen (De’Vion and Jarrod) are the most gifted.

I just want to see a passing game that becomes a threat to get the box opened up. It’s hard to run with sucess when everybody is within 3 yards of the LOS.
All during camp the news of how talented the WR and TE are and they look lost! Cornelius 100% before game day he sure didn’t show it. It’s just a tough pill to swallow when the true worry to me was the defense and they actually look better than the offense. I thought durning that game this looks as bad as Florida’s offense.
One receiver won’t get it done the group that’s going to play need to get the timing worked out with the QB.

The difference between Brandon and Austin Allen are vast. Brandon was stoic, poised. Austin gets rattled easily and you can see it on his face. Play is late coming in, you can see him in the huddle whining. How many times have you seen that look, its not my fault on Austin Allen’s face. He has young new receivers, might it not be better to get to the sideline and talk to them rather than chastise then on tv in front of team mates? Maybe he should get yelled at by receivers when he stares down someone and one of the receivers is running free on another route. He is not lighting it up at all, and he is partially to blame. you know your offensive line is porous, hit a short receiver and get the ball out quickly. i just don’t like his demeanor at times on the field. When the other team stacks the box, call an audible. Be a leader instead of blaming someone else even if they ran the wrong route, or dropped a ball. Encourage instead of whining. i don’t see players pointing fingers at him when he throws an interception, maybe they should give him some of his own medicine. i just don’t see confidence in him on the field. Even if you don’t have confidence, at least do like your brother and be stoic and poised. Man up… you are a captain.

friend at the game sent me a text and said there was chaos on the sidelines. screaming, yelling, pointing fingers, disorganized by both players and coaches. I know coaches have to yell and scream at times, but that typifies what we saw on the field.

You must not have watched Brandon his first two seasons

I think Brandon and Austin have similar in-game demeanors. Any QB is going to look upset when things go as poorly as they did against TCU. Go back and watch Brandon’s expressions during the second game of his fifth season. It was against Toledo.

Brandon had emotional tirades towards teammates when they didn’t run the right routes. When they did, he left them alone. I think the general thought on the two brothers is that Brandon was more emotional and Austin is more laid back. That’s from as far as I can remember coming from those who really knew both.

Alot of that happens when a team just rushes 3 and get pressure on the Qb and the same thing went on last year… If you have someone in your face constantly and receivers not running the correct route , soon or latter your going to go haywire…

I get that the o line has played poorly. But Austin has not one single time made a play to avoid a rusher, buy some more time in the pocket and make a good throw down field. He has hardly ever scrambled to avoid a rush OR thrown a good ball deep. He is going to have to do both regularly to pick his team up and take some pressure off the O line. But I don’t see it happening. He is no russell wilson. And our O line is physically outmatched. We are in for a long year with Bert’s system. Look forward to gradual improvements in the run game with our three running backs racking up some gaudy stats by year end, with another losing record. woo pig