Brandon Martin

An Arkansas spokesperson has relayed to us that Brandon Martin is not currently a member of the football team. He is, however, still enrolled in classes at Arkansas.

I was told this week of a potential transfer destination for Martin, but we do not have that confirmed as of now. This brings a bit of clarity to his situation and why he was not part of Justin Stepp’s tweet earlier this week, which included a picture of him, his family and the receivers group at his house.

Here is that tweet:

So what happened?

Leaving even if he does get academically eligible again?

Well the throw in or tag along (Jonathan Nance) from that deal turned out to be the more productive player. Then we get the big fast physical grad transfer WR from KU who will not be held back by academic issues. It’s all good. Hope things work out for Brandon Martin at his next stop.

It’s a shame.

Dude had the frame, the ability and the speed, but just never could grasp things.

Proof one again that the ability to process things on the field is a major attribute to success.

Goes to show usually if you cant get a handle on acedemics, its just as hard to grasp the playbook & process the changes in routes & coverages at full speed.

I guess coaches want players to know the plays. We had that same problem in jr high, our fullback was not very bright. The play would be called in the huddle, he’d ask where do I go, where do I go, the whole huddle would pause, somebody told him where to go, and coach got mad as hell on the sidelines.

Haven’t seen Jarrod Barnes since his high school days at Cabot. Didn’t recognize him in the picture of the receivers group. Is he still there, and was he in the picture?

Yes, he is still on the team and in the picture.

Just my guess - but I would think this system would be advantageous to both Jarrod Barnes and Koilan Jackson. I hope Mr Jackson’s recovery is going to allow him the chance to show what he can do in this offense. He could really fill that bigger outside receiver position that they like.

Jarrod Barnes has “athlete” written all over him. There has to be a spot for him somewhere. I’m not so sure he wouldn’t be a heck of a corner either. Don’t know about his instincts as to whether defense would fit him or offense though.


Yes, he is still on the team and in the picture.

[/quote]I know the coaching staff is far more able to put these kids in places to succeed, but after reading how he defended Malik Monk in hoops, I had visions of him being a cornerback. I know that was basketball, but just had it in my mind that he would be good on defense.

one of those super hyped guys that has never done anything for us…been hurt some but even before he was hurt he wasn’t talked about very glowingly.

after wading thru all the BS above is he academically qualified or not?

Boyd just tweeted that he’d be wearing number 5 next year. Interesting

Either Martin is switching numbers, or he’s gone. I’ll go with the later, and hope for the former.

To much drama here. Time to focus on the rest of the receivers on hand.