Brandon Martin may be ready for bigger role

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Hammonds should as well, 2 touches for 22 yards, not bad production. Lets hope they can trust him more, or whatever the coaches call it…

This is the second year I’ve been driving the Hammonds bandwagon…I think he’s our most dangerous player with the ball in his hands. Get him carries! They finally listened to me (sarcasm) about D. Warren. Big upgrade on our KOR unit!

There is a report from a student on campus that he was in a walking boot Monday in class.


Sounds about right., maybe it’s a precautionary thing. Give him 2 weeks off.

Hopefully the new coach will like his speed and elusiveness.

Hammonds’ foot was stepped on during practice before the SC game and they didn’t know if he’d be able to go.

I’m all for getting him and the rest of the young, athletic guys increasingly involved.

I’m for getting the best players on the field. Not sure that happens all the time with this staff.