Brandon Frazier will announce decision

at 6 pm tonight.

What’s your prediction?

Call them Hogs young man!

If he goes to Auburn I just won’t get it. Yes, before anyone says anything, I know there is a relationship there and it carry’s a lot of weight and I don’t doubt that. What I don’t get would be:

Clearly he is being told and sold on the fact that Auburn uses or will be using the TE. They never ever use the TE (Our true Freshman Henry had as many catches in 3 games as their TE had all year - 3!). So to think that now the CEM is there that will change? Come on man!
If I am not mistaken, Gus took back over the offense this past year because of how it was being handled by the OC the year before. So, if true, does anyone believe he is just going to hand the keys back over to CEM after the mess we had the past 2 years? No way…just don’t see it. To me that puts to much risk on Gus and his job!

We use the TE. CSP came from a system at UGA that used the TE. We used the TE when CSP was here. Briles uses the TE as well. Listen, if he wants to go to Auburn fine, but buyer beware! You very well may end up as an extra blocker on the OL and get 3 catches a year! You may be getting sold a load of pooh (almost certain of this) and please be advised that the coach you have that relationship with very well may not be there too much longer because every year the head coach seems to be on the hot seat!

Sorry…just had to get that out of my system!

He’s been good about keeping things on the low. As of now, I don’t have a good feel. Maybe closer to 6.

If my opinion if Brandon Frazier goes to Auburn, it will be more about where Auburn’s program is at the moment than Arkansas.

Not about possible use of the tight end as I am sure both staffs are telling him he would see a lot of passes come his way.

If Allen Horace goes to UTSA, it will be almost strictly because of Jeff Traylor and Barry Lunney.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you Dudley on the “where the program is at this time” but that just seems odd considering he had committed to us during another bad season and we finished at 2-10 again. Maybe he was going to decommit regardless as a result of that but just seems more about relationship then anything else to me. You certainly no more on these things then I do so all good.

When somebody posts “I don’t get it” based on where a kid signs, well, " I Don’t Get IT!" :sunglasses:

DD’s prediction is backed by 247 at 80% chance. Sure, he could still sign w the Hogs.

Everything I’m hearing now is Auburn. Long term relationship with the OC hard to overcome.

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It’s Auburn.

We better hope Hudson Henry don’t get we’re in a tough situation at TE

Portal here we come.

What are the chances that Treylon Burkes moves to TE? He has a similar size and athleticism as Evan Engram who was a 1st round pick a few years back out of Ole Miss.

He has 1st round ability at WR, thats where he belongs

0… Now if he was receiving no playing time and we were stocked with three or four stud wide receivers…possibly.

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