Brandon Frazier tweets out top 4

Arkansas, Auburn, Alabama and Texas Tech.

I expect him to visit Arkansas in Jan.

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It would be nice for Arkansas if Frazier and Horace would come back into the fold.

They are two of the top four TEs in Texas

Yes need them both!

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Don’t really like that Auburn is in the mix I’m sure Morris will point out how he used O’Grady, Briles I don’t think has really ever focused on using the tight end that much so we will see.

This is now a very critical spot of need! We need both kids back in the mix big time!

Read somewhere I think that Briles TEs caught 44 passes last year

Oh ok definitely should help then.

We can offer a great shot at immediate playing time and one of the best Offensive minds in the game. Gotta think we’ve got a great shot.