Brandon Frazier and Chandler Morris de-commit

Richard, I am sure some of our fans think no problem as they were not any good anyhow. We better get some assistants with ties to Texas or we will never get out of the hole that was started by Petrino and continued with coach B.

Can’t imagine a staff not having Texas ties. I think Traylor has a good shot of staying on board.

They need to keep him and hire another high school coach with strong ties to the gulf coast. Traylor is really loved in East Texas. He is 100 times more valuable than Barry, but I hope Barry stays.

The Texas recruiting is vital to the hogs success! I hope Traylor remains on staff. I also hope Barry Lunney remains on staff as well.
Who ever becomes the next Head Hog will have his work cut out for him! The staff he puts together will make or break him!

I would argue mark smith and Steve Caldwell need to stay with Taylor and then either lunney or Horton. Leaves only 5-6 spots for new guy choices. That may upset some candidates

So you’re saying Chandler might not be coming here? I wonder where he will land? I know he had some nice offers, but I suspect those schools now have commitments from highly rated QB’s. While I’m sure he’s a good quarterback, I would be more than happy to replace him with Jacolby Carswell.

I think the next HC calls Jacolby ASAP.

I hope the new HC call Criswell as soon as he takes the job even before his opening PC!

Chandler was offered by USC. The California one.

Overrated. Just a daddy’s boy. That’s the only reason why he was offered by Arkansas.

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You forgot the sarcasm tag Richard, someone on here will take that at face value lol

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Like Caldwell, but time to retire. Only coach I’d consider retaining other than Traylor is Barry.

Another coach about to get canned.



Hy ain’t too smart if he is gonna hire a press conference winner who can sell tickets rather than go get himself a football coach.

2 years ago we supposedly wanted Gus or a Gus disciple. Fired that one with really only 1 recruiting class.

Leach or Kiffin won’t stay to fix this problem. If norvell wants it we need to hire him. If not let’s get friz and start the slow dig

I think Fritz and Holtz are better coaches than Kiffin…

Need a grinder and I am not so sure Kiffin is. He’ll mark stoops. He is a grinder

Hearing skip holtz