Brandon Allen

Pick up by The rams.

Glad somebody picked him up but I don’t know that he has any more chance of playing in Los Angeles than he did in Jacksonville. He’ll be the third quarterback in LA

With a nice little paycheck and does not even have to hold a clipboard

Two good things here. First, he was assigned via waivers, so at least initially he will be on the Rams regular roster, not their practice squad, which makes a big difference in pay.

Second, Greg Olson, the Rams quarterback coach, was the Jags offensive coordinator last year. So there will be a good comfort level there on both sides from the get go.

Now the Jags only have two QBs, and if they play Bortles and he gets hurt, they will be on the hook for his salary in 2018. They took a chance they could BA for their practice squad by sneaking him through waivers, and it did not work.

Another opportunity for BA, many never get the second chance in the NFL. If your on a team you have a chance, what more can you ask for, wishing him and all the former Hogs on roster or practice squads the very best! WPS

Brandon’s reputation is that he’s a hard worker, smart and does what’s right. That is a good start. He also has a good and accurate arm. He’s not as big as the typical NFL quarterback. But I think he’s going to make it. I’m going to keep saying that, too.

It’s interesting that Jacksonville is getting hammered by some of their fans for letting go their “best” quarterback.

I much prefer Jacksonville to the madness of LA.

Whatshisname is a “Game is out of control” warrior. Gets all his stats after the game is in the tank