Brandon Allen stuck at #3

HC Marone says Chad Henne won the back up QB spot in the off season. Yet they won’t cut BA so he can possibly sign with another team. … ndon-allen

I guess Brandon has to take something good from that situation…not really getting a chance to learn and improve, but showing enough they do not want to take the risk he doesn’t clear waivers. They must see something pretty good in his work habits and play to keep him on the roster.

They left him on the regular roster last season, rather than the practice squad, which makes a big difference in money. Hopefully that will happen again. BA probably has one more year to prove he can be a 2 in the NFL.

If Bortles flops this year, the situation gets more interesting, as the Jags would likely then be in a transition period for whoever they draft/sign as a free agent.

I’m not sure they would stay with Henne as the 2 if they draft a QB in the first round. They might want another veteran guy to start until the new guy is ready, based upon Henne’s body of work. On the other hand if they go get a big name free agent they might cut Henne loose, go with BA as the 2 and draft/sign a developmental guy for a 3.

At the very worst BA is making some nice money before he presumptively follows his Dad into coaching.