Brandon Allen set to start vs. Browns

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Outstanding …a phenomenal player the last half of 2015. Really fun to watch.

Happy for Brandon. But, the Donkeys are bad on offense with a very poor Oline (where have we seen that). After the game yesterday (the donkeys defense played well enough to win), Flacco said the offense broke down in the second half due to “playing not to loose”. I thought at the time, that that type talk will get you benched if true or not (and it seemed true). Don’t know if that has anything to do with this, but I am sure the coach certainly would not like that.

Hope Brandon has a good game, but fear for him as he will certainly not have solid, NFL line play in front of him. That has been the story for the donkeys since their last Super Bowl and the reason why they cannot score TDs (again - a very familiar story to us).

With his Ark time, he never had a OL and was on his donkey more than off his donkey so it should feel about how it’s always felt haha

Denver Post article.

BA gets first start

Fred will be popping a gasket in 3, 2, 1…

From the tweets I have read, the bronco faithful are sick of Joe Flacco. A couple of them “maybe now, we will be able to see what a touchdown pass looks like, and I don’t know who Brandon Allen is, but Yee Haa”…I hope Brandon gets some time. I remember him being deadly accurate his senior season and running off strings of completions. Good Luck Brandon, I hope you can give the hog faithful something to cheer for.

Actually, I know someone who will explode (and it’s not Fred.)

I wish I had taken all those bets about BA never being on an NFL roster and certainly never playing a game in the NFL.



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The news out last night and this AM is that Flacco could be out for the season and certainly out for more than one game. Brandon will certainly have his chance. If he produces, he could get a real big chance, but if not, well this is the NFL and a business. You either do when the curtain goes up or you are gone.

I wish he was getting his chance behind a better line, but he is not.

Unfortunately, he is used to that.

Who would have thought Brandon Allen would be a starting quarterback in the NFL and Ryan Mallett would be sitting at home?

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The Allen family seems to lack the knucklehead gene that has sometimes tripped Ryan up.

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Seemed like Ryan had some chances with Houston, but could not get up in time for practice or something like that. Anybody remember the exact story?

Ryan missed the Texan’s charter flight to a game when he was the backup and was released from his two year 7 million dollar contract.

Hard to overcome a mistake like that.

Expensive nap or whatever he was doing

Mallet had the big arm syndrome as well, I think the bigger the arm the more obstacles the brain has to overcome.

Had the pleasure of watching Brandon in junior high, remarked that he looked better than most high school QBs. His junior high and high school teams had some high scoring duels with the Springdale teams that my nephew quarterbacked. As I recall, he unfortunately broke his arm in high school which opened the door for Springdale Har-Ber to win the state championship. Always thought he was special.

I always thought that Mallet was dumb as dirt, practically uncoachable. I remember the Liberty bowl game played in bitter cold where he could have run for three yards to pick up a first down. He chose to try a pass 16 yards down the field. Big arm - granite between the ears.

The missed flight didn’t knock him out of the league. Baltimore picked him up and played him behind Flacco for couple of years.