Brandon Allen named qb starter for Cincy

With Burrows out for the season, Brandon was named the starter over their back up qb.


But as Fred has been telling us for eight years, he can’t play quarterback at all. Never could. :crazy_face:

This article suggests the Giants will be getting a scouting report from Bret Bielema before Sunday’s game.

Don’t misrepresent me , Jeff. He’s plenty good and there were days he was my hero, but the fact remains few, if any, have loss more SEC games.

Hope he wins big at Cincy.

Could it have been the talent around him? I think Brandon was the best quarterback we have had in a long time. The fact he has hung around the NFL for sometime proves that fact.

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I think I saw all three of Brandon’s games with the Broncos and frankly/sadly, except for a few flashes he did not impress. Admittedly there was not a great cast around him and the Bengals aren’t exactly star-studded. I do admire that he’s been able to stick around. Hopefully he can take a step forward.

He’s played behind some bad offensive lines. He should feel at home with Bengals. I hope he survives.

i always had a sad feeling for BA in many games. He wasn’t a terrible QB but far from elite as well.He had mediocre wheels behind a sub mediocre line. The epitome of it is what it is.Hoping the best for him in Cincy.

He personified the Timex watch jingle. He was one tough

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He had great senior season stats at Arkansas; #5 nationally in passing efficiency; just a few points behind Mayfield.

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And I hope idiot Bengals fans don’t burn his truck!


I’ll never forget his toughness in THAT Ole Miss game. Rooting for him…

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BA got a lot of unfair criticism here, considering what he was working with early on. He made some mistakes to.
Dude was tough as nails and never lacked effort.

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I learned to truly appreciate the Allens during the Morris years. Hoping good things for BA.


If that’s how you feel, Fred, you’ve been doing a darn good job of misrepresenting yourself for eight years. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you express anything remotely resembling praise for either Allen brother.

I can give you a few-if-any stat. How many Arkansas QBs started and won two bowl games? It’s a very short list. Their names are Tom Jones and Brandon Allen. Jones won the '80 Hall of Fame and '82 Bluebonnet Bowl (although he split time with Brad Taylor in '82). BA beat Texass in Houston and K-State in Memphis.


Is this a long listing–those that lost more SEC games than BA?

Brandon looked good last year in his first start for Denver. I saw an NFL quarterback that day. Where would he be if he got to start 8-10 games in a row for an NFL team? He might be an NFL quarterback.
He has a chance to show what he can do, again. I hope he does well.

As I remember Allen and his brother got beat up on this board. What I also remember is he kept getting up off the ground and going again. He may not have won the most games of any Razorback QB but he wasn’t lacking in determination (guts). Also he did engineer the Hunter Heave which is my most memorable Razorback moment.

Must be a trick question. To have won two bowl games he necessarily played at least two seasons with at least six wins each, if he started all games. And that playing in the toughest division in the country. We know he played more than two years and was thrown in earlier than would have been planned, out of necessity, when the starter went out. If anything, his number of losses are due to being thrown in the fire early, his toughness, and his longevity. Not many other quarterbacks had to overcome those factors, then stuck with it for the duration.

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I remember Brandon’s trial by fire in 2012 his redshirt freshman season against Alabama. He took a couple of hits to the head that would result in targeting calls today. It was brutal. One tough cookie.

And one find Arkansas family.


Brandon Allen didn’t lose all those SEC games, the Razorbacks did. The irony of the fact that the quarterback is the most important player on the field is that he is also the player on the field that needs the most help from his teammates to do his job. I’ve been following the Razorbacks since 1955, and I have never seen a quarterback on the hill play any better than Brandon did the second half of his senior year when he actually had some help, when the offensive line began to gel, etc. I could list many things that entailed, but I’ll shorten the list to things like how he stood in the pocket (even when defensive players were almost on top of him) and delivered the ball on target at exactly the right time with plenty of zip, over the middle, to the sideline and on down the field. Took a lot of hits in doing so, never flinched, did his job like a pocket passer is supposed to do. Countless passes were completed to players that had no more than a half step on their defenders. Lots of those being key third down passes. That “deer in the headlights” stuff I read on here back then is just total nonsense. Brandon Allen carried himself as a Razorback as well as anyone I’ve ever seen up there, especially considering what he had to put with. The young man never complained, never spouted off, always handled himself on and off the field as well as it can been done. Brandon Allen was and is a great Razorback.