Brand new annoyance with these forums

on my device (Android LG phone)…

Say I’m finished reading posts on one board (basketball) and want to go to another board (baseball). When I click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the forum drop-down box, my keyboard emerges from the bottom of my screen and pretty much covers the names of the other boards, forcing me to scroll down to find the board of interest.

Pretty sure I haven’t changed any settings nor had any updates to cause this, and all my settings seem normal. Anyone else experienced/solved this?

Same here on Samsung tablet

You can swipe/scroll the forums list while the keyboard is up.

Yes, mentioned having to do that in my original post; lamented that I’m now forced to do that.

Sorry… I replied quite a while after I read your OP (returned after I experienced the same thing), so I missed that you included that. My bad.

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