Brain dead x 5

Purdue scored with 51 seconds left to take the lead on Syracuse. Then Purdue got TWO unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Kicked off from their own TEN. Returned to midfield. Then defensive holding on third and 10. Then DPI on third and 10. Then touchdown pass on the next play. Then unsportsmanlike conduct on Purdue before the extra point (the player was ejected). Cuse wins.

That, folks, is how to give a game away. Oh yeah, Purdue also committed eight other penalties. But five penalties in the last minute for 65 yards?

Oh yeah, the guy that was kicked out? The last three penalties were all on him.

Between the kickoff line and the Carrier Dome, it looked like Arena Football.

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I bet they cashed their NIL checks before the game.

I’m guessing that guy is not at Purdue for the engineering. I think one of the 15 yarders was on a PU assistant. Just gotta be smarter than that.


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In fact, he’s an American Studies major. Whatever that is.