Braggin Rights game tonight

In downtown St. Louis. Illinois vs. Mizzou. Normally this is a pretty big draw. I don’t expect many to brave this crud tonight though. On the Network at 8:00 pm. I expect the Illini to win a hard fought game, and I expect fewer than 5k in the stands.

Darn, my cable must be froze up! No TV period…

Get some rain x and spray your dish.

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What he said. :joy::joy:

Well guys 1 problem. I do not have a dish. I have Cox cable.

I had Cox for a very long time. A few years ago I switched to Wave Rural Connect. For whatever reason, after buying 3 new TV’s in a couple of years my TV would pixelate and freeze up. So back to Cox 3 weeks ago and Boom the cable goes out. My luck…

Well that’s a bummer. Hope you get it worked out. Missouri dominating late in first half. Appears to be a much bigger crowd than I expected on this awful weather night.

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Mizzou just killin’ the Illini. Impressive new coach.

Pav….watching basketball?

Missou’s Brown has been tough to stop. Strong, big, athletic.

Not sure who we’ve got to guard him. He’s a very strong Guard. My guess is Walsh will get first shot at him. Hope he doesn’t get in foul trouble.

Now I am wondering how their game against Kentucky goes. Missouri looks pretty good.

Missouri took Illinois to the wood shed and gave them a thrashing. No other way to put it. They had one of those nights where everything they put up went in. Like the night Creighton had against the Hogs on Maui.

Who guarded him for us last year?

We beat them by 19 at Mizzou and he was 3-10 with 6 points and at BWA we beat them by 44 and he was 3-11 for 6 points.

This is not a slam on him. He’s a good player and they as a team are tons better. He has had an interesting career. Some games he is dominant and a lot of games he disappears.

Brown and Mizzou will no doubt be out for blood against us, even though we mostly have a brand new team.

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He disappears when he gets two quick fouls. That’s always been an issue. He is aggressive. The fouls can be charged or trying to block shots.

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