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with LSU family ties do we have a realistic shot with him?? we have to get this type OL,What are your feelings on Morris?

With Tex A&M recruiting the Memphis Area hard, I believe the battle for Morris is between TN and A&M.

With the transfer of Luke Jones to Arkansas, I have reason to believe the Razorbacks may only take three O-lineman in the 2020 class. With Jones enroll and Ty’Kiest Crawford committed I think they would like to close out with Garrett Hayes as the third one.

OU and Bama are the biggest threats.

Morris is a tough one. He loves Arkansas but there several things working against Arkansas.

Such as?

would like to know as well…we are going to have to somehow get this type OL in here I like crawford a lot but we really need to get OL in this class that are difference makers.