Brady Tygart is going to be a starter next year

He has the confidence and the stuff to back it up.

He became my newest favorite player when he said he got an offer from Mississippi State, but he didn’t want to wear that ugly maroon. I have been saying that for years.


I think he will be in the starting rotation in a week or two. Morris and Taylor are carrying water in relief now.

Yes, he will be a starter next season.

Assuming Pallette is back and healthy that will be a salty pitching staff.

Isn’t Pallette still ranked high in draft projections? I would love for him to come back but I suspect he is gone.

I’ve honestly not heard anyone who expects Pallette to be back.

Dave Van Horn said today that he is trying to talk Pallette into coming back, but the feeling I get is that he is more likely to go pro.

Last I saw, he’s still considered a low first rounder.

I thought on one of the graphics ESPN put up this weekend, Palette was listed as one of the top 5 draft prospects from the SEC. That kind of surprised me considering the issues he’s had with arm injuries in his career. Seems a bit of a risky draft pick.

Baseball America rates Pallette the No. 33 prospect in the draft. Landon Sims, the Mississippi State pitcher who had Tommy John, is rated No. 30.

Teams are not scared off by Tommy John. In fact, I think they like it when they can draft the pitcher shortly after surgery and control the rehab.

I don’t expect Pallette to return, but if he did you could see a weekend starting rotation of:

  • Pallette
  • Smith
  • Tygart

As Kyle Peterson said on one of the weekend broadcasts, that rotation would be the best in college baseball. Would likely be the best rotation in the history of Razorback Baseball.

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Yes, but not very Palletteable

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