Brady Latham

I had lunch with Coach Trimble today and got a chance to ask him about Latham. He couldn’t say enough good things about Brady. Here’s some of the things Trim said about him:

  • very first thing he said is he plays mean
  • thinks he’s probably still growing
    -team leader for Jenks
    -very smart kid
    -great kid and family
    -extremely nice kid off the field but is mean and aggressive on the field
  • late bloomer that has grown 100 pounds since end of his Freshman year and that’s a lot of why not much recruiting but did say he could get other schools after him before it’s over.

Obviously Trim was very high on him

Thx for the info. Very good to hear.

I really liked him when I went to see him in September.

His dad is big and still looks like he could play.

Him and Beaux Limmer are very under rated. Both have mean streaks that we haven’t had recently on the o-line other than probably Frank Ragnow. Both may have to redshirt to gain strength but, will be very good lineman.

Playing with a nasty attitude is so key in my opinion. I worry about some guys that seem to be too laid back.

Good info. on the young man…thanks for sharing! Ready to see more dudes on the OL playing with a nasty edge on every play!