Brady Latham is Hog

Awesome! Welcome Brady.

We’re his only P5 offer and he only has 1 other FBS offer from what I can tell, not surprised he committed.

I bet he adds a few good offers between now and signing day. From what I’ve read he hasn’t played football that long and has put on about 80 lbs over the last year. This could be a good investment by the staff. Bring him in and RS him. In a few years we might have us a dandy OT. Need to get a Juco OT for immediate help next season.

Personally I would like to see Jackson and Wagner claim those tackle spots with Gatlin and Clenin as backups. I think that would be solid.
We have seen very few JUCO OL do anything the first year. Sebastian Tretola was an exception. He could not be denied. But overall ours have struggled or gotten hurt.

He looks like a steal to me! Welcome to the UofA!


He’s coming from one of the top schools in all of Oklahoma in Jenks. In Tulsa, the Jenks vs. Union rivalry is legendary. He’ll definitely receive good coaching at Jenks and hopefully be prepared once he comes here.

I’m not a fan of the Juco route, to many don’t live to the hype and are hard to change the way they play to fit a new scheme. WPS

Yeah that very well could be true.

I’m just worried that we are having to gamble a tad Too much. Our OL is so bad we need some for sure studs. This one has me underwhelmed, mainly because it’s OL and we’ve done so poorly in recruiting there this year, and the current state of the OL.

Right, I’m sure he is well coached.

I’m happy for him, I’d expect him to jump on this offer.

It’s more of the thing that 126 other FBS schools don’t think he has what it takes, yet. That’s what gets me. I don’t think that this late in the game Arkansas should ever be a guys first P5 offer, that’s scary. No knock against him, I know he’s got good size and coaching, but so do a lot of kids that can’t play in the SEC, it’s a different animal, I hope they see something that almost everyone else hasn’t seen and are right.

You and I won’t know for a few years whether this is a good pick up or not. Travis Swanson didn’t have an impressive list … ed-his-nu/

I will say very few 245 pound OL get offers as a junior. He’s now about 290 so it will be interesting to watch this season. Arkansas really likes his upside. Fans weren’t excited about Andrew Parker when he committed either and then Texas, Texas A&M and others offered him and fans wanted him.

Welcome aboard, Brady!

I agree completely, don’t get me wrong.

At the same time, I’m saying it would be refreshing to land someone who is thought of by other SEC schools as a stud, can’t miss guy. I’m not going to bash him or anything, but at the same time the reality is he’s like our 6th or so option since we’ve missed out on 3 that I can think of. Offer lists usually help me sleep at night. Our OL commits aren’t blowing anyone away with theirs. It just scares me, seeing how bad our OL is and adding the worry of if we are getting OL recruits that can play in the SEC. I think the guy from Tyler, TX can for sure, I do think he’s a stud.

All of that added to the fact that very, very few work out like Travis Swanson, and I know that’s a common one to point to, even though it rarely works like that.

How many four-star offensive linemen have we had in recent years that didn’t work out? We can blame the former staff for not coaching them, but surely some just didn’t pan out. Jenks is a football factory in Oklahoma, and this young man was bound to get some P-5 offers. Arkansas is just his first. Some school had to be first. I understand the concern, but this young man seems to have a lot of upside.

we will just have to trust the coaches .welcome aboard

I haven’t noticed any comments on the other 18 pledges since you came back from timeout.

But had time to go wow on this one.

I obviously went to watch him play last Friday night.

He won some, lost some against against DL with offers from Arkansas, Clemson, Michigan State, Wisconsin, etc.

I was impressed.

He is not a 5-star prospect, but he is also not a 2-star.

That’s a spot where recruiting has to get better, but none of these three are slugs either.

Arkansas signs mostly 3-star guys. Alvin Bailey, Jose Valdez, Ray Dominguez, Demarcus Love, Mitch Smothers are a few others that have worked out. It’s been hit and miss on the 4-star guys.

I get that. I keep up with recruiting probably more than the average fan.

But the teams who win in the SEC have studs on the OL. Bobby had 3 stars, and won, it’s possible. But there’s also a difference 3 stars who are rated 400 in the country and some who are 1300. The biggest gap of variance in my opinion is in 3 stars.

Our OL has 1 true 4 star high school lineman, I don’t count Froholdt because he was a DT. It shows too, our OL is not good and hasn’t been in a couple of years. Have to recruit better than we are or we will be beating a dead horse over this in the coming years.