Brady Hoke vs. John Scott, Jr.

I have seen posts stating that Brady Hoke is a great hire at Tennessee. Based on what? Am I mistaken in saying that he was the defensive coordinator at Oregon last year and their defense was worse than awful. And yes I realize that the Arkansas defense was very bad also. And Hoke was certainly a dumpster fire of a head coach at Michigan.

On the other hand, I have no idea if John Scott, Jr. was a good hire or not and neither does anyone else on this board. I never understand people trashing assistant coach hires before the guy even has a chance to show what he can do here. A lot of people trashed the hire of Dan Enos and in my opinion that has worked out very well.

I think people have a tendency to make judgments about these hires based on name recognition and not much else. The bottom line to me is that Coach B’s future (just like all other college head coaches) is heavily dependent on the quality of the assistants that he hires. I would assume that he wants to succeed and continue to get paid very well. I don’t believe for one second that he is going to hire a guy and put any part of his own destiny in the hands of a guy just because he or another coach on his staff may have a connection to the new hire.

Brady Hoke wouldn’t have ever been hired here, but he will have a better name for recruiting and getting in the schools and homes of the top players.

Brady Hoke vs. John Scott? The one who will be the most successful will be the one with the better players. What I see at Arkansas is a good set of young DL talent in McTelvin Agim, Austin Capps, Briston Guidry, Jonathan Marshall and Michael Taylor. I guess Taylor is an OLB/DE hybrid and Scott won’t coach him, but he’s going to get the other three as a three-man front. I think Bijohn Jackson is a good fit at nose in this, and I think T.J. Smith is a good fit at one of the outside spots in the three-man front. I think T.J. Smith is a name you will hear more about in the spring. He got swallowed up at the three technique, maybe a bit undersized, but I think he’s going to be more productive in the 3-4.