Bradley Gitz - 🤣

Oops. “…betting against Dabo Swinney in the college football playoffs is getting to be like betting against Bill Belichick in the NFL playoffs” You might be right, Brad.

I read that. It’s hard to argue with. I think LSU is the better team, but not enough to bet on them.

Bradley Gitz doesn’t know anything about his normal subject matter; I’m sure not going to listen to him about sports betting.

I never read Gitz. Well, maybe 2x per year, but when I noticed this was strictly a column about football I decided to read it.

I thought Coach O and LSU would stumble and not make it this far, I WAS WRONG.

LSU wins it!

I enjoy Gitz’ columns every Monday and chuckled when I saw that line. Hopefully his mistaken sentence is prophetic.

guess I am glad not to have heard or cared about Bradley Gitz, at first I thought it was gonna be a gotcha thread. Oh well, I prefer to remain unaware of the man. Clemson is actually a solid favorite in Vegas right now

As with stocks, the disclaimer should read past performance does not guarantee future returns. That certainly applies with an aging quarterback who no longer has his go-to tight end to depend on.

Huh? They’re still 5.5 point dogs at most all the strip casinos. Now if u mean there was more $ coming in on Clemson when the spread was at 6, yes.

Just talking about the opinion of the writer, in that he could have included a disclaimer with his bold prediction.