Braden Jones' 4.36 produces buzz at Arkansas camp

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Talk about athletic ability. This young man is richly blessed. Get him in a Razorback jersey. He can likely play at several different positions.

At 185 lbs. and with better speed, he already looks like a “honey-badger” type strong safety at the next level. If he gains 25 lbs. the next two years then he would be a great addition at LB. And to my untrained and non coaching eyes, he might also be a heck of a player at one or more positions on the offensive side. JMO.

210 would be strong safety size at the SEC level. He’d need to be more like 230 to play linebacker.

4.3 speed and that kind of athleticism. Theirs a spot on either side of the ball now. Gain 10-15 lbs by end of senior year increases the spots on either side.

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He can fly!!

Incredible. I sure hope he wants to be a Razorback.