Brad Stewart?

Is there any real chance we land him?
His addition to the class would finish off the most impressive secondary class I’ve seen at Arkansas.

I’m sure hopeful.

Possible, but not probable. I’d say he’s Florida bound, but you never know.

I figure so.

Would really love to be wrong.

I’ve obviously been out of the loop for a week but what I’ve been able to gather today is Fla feels real good about him. I don’t have a strong feel either way.

His comments after being in Fayetteville this weekend scream FL. But maybe I’m just hard of hearing

I think his family is all for Arkansas

I think he likes Florida the best

Sounds like Cleveland last year

Hopefully, FL has too many ahead of him and he has a better chance to play early here, but most kids wouldn’t think that anyway.

Christopher Henderson would be his name…He was here (Florida) for a visit just this weekend. They (Gator’s) already have 3 verbal CB/DB comitts.

I was a in meeting and did some traveling afterward so a little late in posting.

Brad is taking a mid-week visit to TCU. He’ll be at Fla this weekend.

So, we’re visiting tonight, but no Stewart, that can’t bold well, haha.