For the “Aboard the Muss Bus” bracket, for which there are 2,100 participants (I think), you can find me back on page 35 with 450 points–tied at 1,684th place. I am not finished, however, because I can finish with 850 points and that would put me at No. 1 if no one else receives a point between now and April 3. For the overall ESPN bracket I am in the 8M rank, up from 10M rank–so I’ve improved dramatically. If I read my bracket correctly, I have Gonzaga, Michigan, and Arkansas in my final four, and Michigan in my final two. Illinois was my pick for champion.

Not real fun, but interesting, I guess. How’s yours?

Fred, I’m 8,000 from the top in my bracket. Not sure how many are in it but obviously not doing well.

But I have the Hogs going to the finals and winning. Hope I’m right on that one.

I’m tied for 11th in the BPMA bracket group on ESPN with 540 points. Better than 91% of brackets and ranked 1.4M. I picked four of the Elite Eight teams, so not too bad. My max score is 1180 (see my NCG picks below).

Main thing is I want to beat Scottie. He’s only 10 points behind me but his national champion pick was Illinois so his bracket is pretty much fried. I have the Hogs and Zags in the NCG. Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to prevent the Zags from getting that unbeaten national title. But I would love for that particular pick to be wrong.

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