For what it’s worth

Lunardi has us as a 7 seed now, slated for 2nd round against Duke in Charlotte (echoes of 1994?)

Jerry Palm has us a 6, slated for a 2nd round game against West Virginia (which would be one of the most entertaining games of the tourney if it happened)

I don’t totally buy the seeds of Palm or Lunardi! If the SOS or your competition matters I looked at of Q-4 teams that those teams around Arkansas played and the record aginst Q-1, Q-2 and Q-3 teams. Michigan has played a trash schedule just like Moo U. And they have Michigan in.
I want to see what Swine thinks.

Palm and Lunardi have been doing this for a long time, but they’re just two opinions.

Bracket Matrix, which today compiled 70 brackets with recent updates, has us as the highest 7 seed. Of course they also have UNC as a 2 seed now. So that could still wind up matching them in the second round.

Michigan is a 5 seed there. They’re 8-6 in Q1 and Q2 games according to Warren Nolan’s Nitty Gritty page, which includes that information (they also lost to LSU). Of those 14 games, 10 were in conference play (which is important because you don’t control your conference schedule).

We’re 9-8 in Q1 and Q2 games. Of those, 14 were against SEC teams, with at least one more to come Saturday at Misery. So Michigan’s NC schedule was a tiny bit better than ours (four Q1-Q2 games to our three).

I still think if we win Saturday and get to the finals in St. Louis, we could still end up as a 4 seed. It’s not that far from 27 RPI to the top 16

Thank you Swine. It is going to be interesting

Earlier this year, I went and studied BracketMatrix a little and found that Lunardi and Palm are pretty far down the past three year accuracy standings of bracketologists. And, just so everyone knows, those standings take into account picking the correct seed for each team.

With that, this guy has picked the most accurate bracket the last two years and sits #1 in the three year standings. He currently has us as the second highest 6 seed.

Up to a 6 seed on today’s bracket matrix update. Beat Mizzou