Bracketology updates--2/5/21

Joe Lunardi moved the Hogs up to a 10 seed, in the same region as 1 seed Bama (didn’t think I’d be typing those words). Six SEC teams in the field (EOE and Misery as 4 seeds, Florida as a 7, LSU as an 11). Of course, not playing A&M tomorrow means we can’t hurt ourselves any, but we also can’t help (although a home win over TAM is not much help).

St. John’s is up to “next four out” after beating Villanova.

Jerry Palm has us as a 10, and LSU as a 12 in a play-in game. He also has St. John’s in a play-in game, but not against LSU. He has Misery and Bama as 2s, EOE as a 4, Florida as a 6.

On Bracket Matrix, we’re still an 11 but the top-rated 11, listed on 84 of the 92 brackets they’re currently following. The Matrix also has six SEC teams in the field (Bama as a 2, EOE 3, Misery 4, Florida 7, LSU 11). St. John’s is only listed on two brackets as a 12.

On the women’s side, Charlie Creme at ESPN sort of moved Arkansas up to a 5 and then back down to a 6 in a “procedural bump”, which usually means moving a team away from a conference opponent in the early rounds. In this case that opponent would be the 1 seed Poultry. Creme has 8 SEC teams in the field, two in each regional. A&M is a 3, Georgia and EOE are 4s, Kentucky is a 5, Moo U is a 6, Bama is a 7.

A procedural bump to get us away from the Chickens is a good thing, IMO. We wouldn’t play them until the Elite Eight in Creme’s bracket.

The Athletic put out a bracket this afternoon. Like a lot of others, they have us as an 11 seed.

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