Bracketology update - Jan. 28

The latest bracket projection from Joe Lunardi:

Bracket Matrix still has us as an 8, appearing on all 98 brackets they compiled.

So we beat TCU handily and Joe drops us from an 8 to a 9?? After our loss at MS St, he had us an 8. Hard to believe a double digit win over a big 12 opponent with a 14-5 record would drop us in his bracket.

Still in the same place in the same game, just wearing red jerseys instead of white. And still playing Kansas in the second round. I suspect he dropped us from his #32 team to #33. We’re #31 at Bracket Matrix, by the way.

I know that you know this, but it is about what others do during the week as well.

He’s been pretty solid over the years, but nobody;s perfect.

With North Carolina our at this point you can be certain if possible the committee will tie the the hogs up with a blue blood!

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