Bracketology - Tulsa

What’s it gonna take to get us in Tulsa as an 8 seed. Currently SC out of the South and Miami out of the Midwest. Wouldn’t mind taking an 8, even if it meant we had to play a #1 seed in Kansas or Baylor in Round of 32. I think we’d have some great support in Tulsa. Win that game and watch out!

Lunardi has us as an 8 seed in today’s bracketology… but in Buffalo. Playing Michigan.

You pretty much have to be a top four seed to have any realistic hope at a site close to us. We could just luck out as an 7 or 8 and get put in Tulsa with Kansas as a 2 or 1. Or we could get sent to Buffalo or Sacramento just as easily.

The selection committee wants to protect the top seeds in terms of having a homecourt advantage the first couple of rounds. I can’t see Arkansas getting in Tulsa unless it was a No. 4 seed or higher.

I don’t know how this season is going to turn out, but has there ever been a fan base more whiny about a team that has the following resume:

  1. 12-2
  2. 3-1 outside its arena
  3. only losses to consensus top-35 teams that are currently a combined 25-5
  4. would currently receive an at-large bid

Only thing that will stop the whine-and-cheese party is a deep run in March. And even that is questionable.